Jennifer Cook-DeRosa, MS

Jennifer, her husband, and homeschooled sons
  • Homeschooling since 1996
  • Current role: Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit
  • Author: Homeschooling for College Credit
  • Former roles: Excelsior College Homeschool Advisory Board, Executive in Residence at Franklin University, Regional Youth Apprenticeship Coordinator NC Community College System, Department Chair & Faculty of Culinary Arts at Eastern Iowa Community College District, Chairman of Apprenticeship at Scott Community College, Nutrition Research at UNC Chapel Hill Nutrition Research Institute, Homeschool Advisor for Tigris Academy Umbrella School, Homeschool Testing Administrator and Proctor for Bob Jones University Press, College Exam Proctor, College 101 Homeschool Specialist Charlotte- Mecklenburg Library System.
  • Registered Homeschool Exam Administrator: Stanford/OLSAT® and Iowa Assessments™/CogAT®.


Master of Science with Honors, Nutrition, Canisius College, New York

Bachelor of Arts, Social Science, Thomas Edison State University, New Jersey

Associate of Arts (tested out via CLEP), Thomas Edison State University, New Jersey

Associate of Occupational Studies, Culinary Arts, The Culinary Institute of America, New York

Meet Jennifer

Guest Appearance 2021


I have taught tens of thousands of parents how to make the most of their teen’s high school career by resourceful high school planning, building an exit strategy, and stepping forward as their teen’s college guidance counselor.

My passion for my work comes from a combination of my early years in college administration followed by two decades as a frustrated homeschooling parent.

The system is flawed and leads most students into a degree that costs more than they planned and takes longer than they thought.

Most students who start college will NEVER graduate.

Look it up

The longer your student is enrolled, the bigger the financial benefit to the college. Getting into college is easy, but getting out is hard.

Colleges have no incentive to change, but you can learn to work within this broken system and get your teen through it!

In 2012, I started the social organization Homeschooling for College Credit. Currently, the organization serves about 40,000 families. Besides myself, I oversee 35 volunteers who make up my leadership team. The organization generates no revenue, parents pay nothing to participate, and our leadership are all volunteers. I consider Homeschooling for College Credit to be my life’s purpose.

In addition to my work with families, I’m proud to have 5 university clients whom with I collaborate with deans, provosts, presidents, vice presidents, and staff to improve homeschool recruitment, enrollment, and retention.

“Jennifer understands the highly complex and ambiguous systems that connect homeschool learners and families to college and university learning opportunities throughout our nation. She is an exceptional thinker and collaborator. She provided a great deal of insight, advice and counsel to our staff as a way to make our institution more attractive to homeschool families.” -Dr. Christopher Washington, College Provost

“I love what you do. You changed my whole trajectory and helped me craft something unique and protective for my kids” -K.P., Homeschooling parent in Idaho

Jennifer is that rare combination of someone who is highly knowledgeable about complex issues, yet able to simply explain those issues to people who are new to them. Her breadth of understanding about homeschooling and non-traditional college credit is formidable, and she should be considered one of the top experts in these areas. Highly recommended.” -Steve Foerster, College President

“In about 12 days the family is off to see my oldest graduate from the Harvard University Extension School. This simply would never have happened without the early positive feedback from Jennifer. It was really a dream come true.” -Michael H. Homeschooling Parent in Florida

“I am continually thankful for Jennifer’s sharing heart as she walks thousands of families through the world of “Home Schooling for College Credit!” -Hannah C., Homeschooling Parent in Ohio

“There are few people in life that you encounter that you’re pretty sure are angels sent from God. You’re one of them, Jennifer! Thank you!” -Jamie G. Homeschooling Parent in North Carolina

“Completing college during high school isn’t for everyone, but it was just the ticket for my son, and I’m grateful for Jennifer’s advice along the way.” -Susan P. Homeschooling Parent in Ohio

“I was so inspired by Jennifer’s personal story I, too, completed a college degree alongside my daughter. Jennifer’s work literally changed the trajectory of our lives.” -Karen P. Homeschooling Parent in New York

“In my professional opinion, Jennifer Cook DeRosa is THE foremost authority on Homeschooling for College Credit in the United States.” -Dr. Shawn Ambrose, College Professor / Academic Advisor, and Homeschooling Parent in Indiana

“I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all the time you spent looking at this for us. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your support and “putting up with me” as well as the other countless concerned parents you probably deal with on a constant basis. I thank you for your time and for displacing one huge burden for now.” Anna T. Homeschooling Parent in North Carolina

Jennifer Cook-DeRosa, MS