Services & Fees

Single Session

Our session will last between 45-90 minutes as we dive into your immediate problem or highest priority topic. After careful exploration of the details, we’ll collaborate on possible solutions, and quickly arrive at the best option for your family. Our session will end with an actionable plan you understand and can follow. Conducted over Zoom. Recording of the session is complementary upon request. Clients who have their session recorded will receive a media file of the session.

Single Session

One session lasting between 45-90 minutes.


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Retainer: 1 Semester

A service agreement for 1 semester (16 weeks) This option gives you top priority in my schedule, and allows for unlimited email exchanges, Zoom sessions, or phone calls throughout the semester (not to exceed 20 hours*).

Families that benefit from a retainer option include those who may be new to homeschooling, want regular feedback, are in their final year of homeschooling, or who are earning college credit.

Retainer – 1 Semester

1 Semester retainer not to exceed 20 hours.


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Special Projects

A special project is anything that requires me to generate a work-product for you. As an expert with extensive experience in this field, I can usually work very quickly to solve a problem that may take others several weeks. Special projects are billed at a rate of $100 per hour, 1 hour minimum. Please message me below for a quote.

Examples of special projects:

  • Review HS transcript (1 hr.)
  • Edit / Improve HS transcript (1 hr.)
  • Create a 4-year HS plan (3-4 hr.)
  • Matching college credit options to your planned HS courses (2-3 hr.)
  • Unofficial transfer eval. (2 hr. per college)
  • Associate degree plan (5-6 hr.)
  • Bachelor’s degree plan (8-10 hr.)