Services & Fees

Private Session

Our session will last between 45-60 minutes as we dive into your immediate problem of highest priority topic. After careful exploration of the details, we’ll collaborate on possible solutions, and quickly arrive at the best option for your family. Our session will end with an actionable plan you understand and can follow. ($75)

Transcript Makeover

I’ve reviewed and audited 1,000+ homeschool transcripts. In your makeover, I’ll ensure your transcript meets college admissions standards, make title and credit recommendations, calculate your GPA (weighted or unweighted) and spot omissions. I will leave in-line edits, marginal comments, and a thorough final recommendation for revisions. ($100)

Special Projects

Any project that requires me to develop a custom work-product for you. Outline what you need using the form below, and I’ll let you know if I can help! If I can, you’ll get an outline of my services and a quote for the project.

  • develop a high school plan
  • design your own courses
  • creating work based learning
  • find enrichment opportunities
  • plan for graduation
  • find affordable dual enrollment
  • find DE programs that align with your family’s political or religious values
  • plan for transfer
  • credit by exam
  • Alternative credit
  • accelerated associate or bachelor’s degrees
  • locate online and hybrid
  • writing course titles
  • calculating credit hours
  • designing a grade scale / rubric
  • certificates, diplomas, and degrees in trade occupations
  • finding apprenticeship and internship opportunities