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Welcome to Plan C

You want a college degree, but degrees are expensive! Only about half the students who start college will graduate, and those who do almost always need 6 years. On average, attending a “cheap college” (in-state public college) will still cost about $150,000. Student who want to go out of state or private can expect to spend $400,000 if they live on campus and spend 4 years in college.

Since most people haven’t saved a few hundred thousand for a degree, they have only two options for funding their credential:

Plan A: Hope their smart and talented kids will receive a full-ride scholarship. (fewer than 1% of incoming freshman will receive a full-ride scholarship). Scholarships are usually small marketing incentives designed to push you into enrollment. Often a scholarship is nothing more than a coupon that sends you into deep debt!

Plan B: Borrow it. (student loan, private loans, credit card, cash advance, 401(k) loans, home equity loan, home equity line of credit, cash advance, loan from friends or family) Colleges are only required to report “student loans” while other debt goes uncounted. We know students are borrowing, on average, about $35,000 each- and that doesn’t include the money the rest of their family is borrowing or contributing.

Plan C: Resourceful planning. The domain of extreme cheapskates! It’s where calculated, resourceful, and determined individuals develop an action plan that takes them over the goalpost. It’s recognizing that if others have done it, that you can do it too. It is believing that the work is worthy and will pay dividends. It’s feeling a sense of pride when the creativity you’ve used to solve the problem propels you ahead of the guys that couldn’t be bothered. Welcome to Plan C.

No risk. You only pay if I save you money!

I am incentivized to save you as MUCH money as possible.

  • Easy commission-based pricing.
  • No risk. You only pay if I save you money.
  • My fee is 2% of the total you save.

Example: If I can save you $30,000 my fee is calculated as 2% of $30,000 = $600

If I can’t get your costs lower, there is no fee.

What kind of college cheapskate are you?

Parent of a teen
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Parents can feel like a back-seat driver, but when you and your teen work together on the same team, you can help them achieve their degree without a lifetime burden that comes from student loan debt.

Considering college
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Resourceful planning can help you make solid, smart decisions. Whether you’re starting from scratch or have some transfer credit, you have options when you choose wisely.

Already enrolled in college
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The most challenging case, students who are already enrolled have fewer options when it comes to cutting costs. Still, the earlier you are in your journey, the more likely I can help.

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Getting into college is easy. Getting out is hard.