Homeschool Exit Strategies

Consulting for families who want to finish strong!

Whether you’ve been homeschooling since Day 1 or are just getting started, Homeschool Exit Strategies will allow your family to take full advantage of your teen’s educational potential and unique goals.

Consulting can help you with…

    • develop a high school plan for 1 or all 4 years
    • choose appropriate high school curriculum
    • design your own homeschool courses
    • developing trade / hands-on homeschool courses
    • creating work based learning experiences
    • finding enrichment and volunteer opportunities
    • plan for homeschool graduation*
    • find affordable dual enrollment
    • find DE programs that align with your family’s political or religious values
    • choose dual enrollment courses
    • register for college courses as early as middle school
    • earn an Associate Degree in high school
    • plan for transfer into a traditional university
    • earning credit by exam (AP, CLEP, DSST, TECEP, UExcel)
    • earn ACE credit (Studycom, Sophia, Saylor, Straighterline, etc.)
    • earn an accelerated associate or bachelor’s degrees in high school
    • locate online and hybrid bachelor’s degrees in high school
    • cash flow a bachelor’s degree in high school
    • editing & improving high school transcripts
    • developing a “college-ready” homeschool transcript
    • performing GPA for weighted / unweighted transcripts
    • writing course titles and descriptions
    • calculating appropriate credit hours for each subject
    • designing a grade scale / rubric
    • certificates, diplomas, and degrees in trade occupations
    • finding apprenticeship and internship opportunities

*Homeschooling parents are responsible for understanding and complying with all of their state’s homeschooling laws, policies, and record keeping as they relate to operating a homeschool. Homeschool Exit Strategy Consulting does not provide legal advice. We have resources for families that need legal advice/services and will refer you accordingly.